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About Wheel and Tires Direct

At Wheel and Tires Direct, we are the industry leader and innovator in the wheel industry when it comes to wheels. We are one of the major distributors of wheels and tires Nationally and Globally. Our success is attributed to our loyal customers, who “Customers are earned and not purchased.” Our mission is to provide an excellent wheel purchasing experience, from placing their orders to the wheels delivered to their home.

It all began when our expert sales team and service technician came together with our CEO to forge an endeavor that started locally. Today, Wheel and Tires Direct is a household name to our customers Locally, Nationally, and Globally when it comes to Premium and Custom Wheels.

Our Main Goals

Wheel and Tires Direct aims to stand and deliver and focus on its main goals

Aftermarket Fitment Guarantee

Our wheel specialists have years of experience in the aftermarket wheel industry and will provide you with expert knowledge of wheel fitments. They will help you find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

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Wheel Off-road and Tire Packages

Make it convenient and order a complete wheel and tire package. We offer FREE mounting and balancing and FREE Lugs and Locks for all wheel and tire packages. Wheels will be shipped to you ready to install.

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Fast Delivery Service Guarantee

We partnered with the largest shippers in the US to make sure that you receive your order in a timely manner. We strives to offer the fastest and most cost-effective shipping methods for our customers.

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Team Members

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DR. Michael Coleman
CEO & Founder
Leonor Suaza
Account Manager
John Federico
Board Member
Jose Grimes
Senior Designer

Customer Reviews

Wheel and Tires Direct has been trusted by number of customers who have been using our products for a long time


Thank you for my purchase. They truly had excellent automobile expertise and helped customize the set up for my car. I think it's a fantastic idea that they include a gallery and customer testimonials so the buyer can get a concept of how their vehicle might appear.


They were very welcoming and made sure I got the right wheels for my Genesis. They sent me a lot of alternate options because the ones I had initially chosen weren't the right size, and I really like how everything turned out.


I ordered custom "made to order" wheels and the result was better than I ever expected! They got me EXACTLY what I needed and couldn't be happier!! I highly recommend Wheel and Tires Direct for anyone needing wheels of any kind!! Great experience! Thanks so much


They were the only ones available to help me with my request of buying some new wheels and tires for my toy.... locally just crashed with several other companies that told me that the kind of rims I wanted were not made for my old truck. Wheel and Tires Direct made it happy with my product.

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